Our Pillars

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In order to carry out the Trust’s mission, we partner with the local community to support traditional and sustainable ways of living, all in harmony with wildlife and the environment. The Trust’s efforts and passion evolve around four pillars:


The Kicheche Community Trust focuses on primary, secondary and other study programs. We are active in all conservancies where Kicheche camps operates: Mara North Conservancy, Olare Motorogi and Naboisho conservancy in Masai Mara as well as Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia.

Through the trust, we have built and maintained several school classrooms, sponsored primary school teachers, supplied thousands of curriculum school books & school stationaries. We have also provided bursaries to more than 65 students, in primary, secondary and other study programs.

The Trust sponsors students to the Koiyaki Guiding School on annual basis and has employed several graduates as guides and trainee guides at the Kicheche Camps.

Personal hygiene and menstrual health education have been a great need in the community. Due to this, the Kicheche Community Trust has supported and trained over 150 girls on the use of re-usabe sanitary towels and menstrual cups, to help prevent monthly school absence.

Health & Family Care

The Kicheche Community Trust contributes annually towards the free Aitong Medical Camp events, which enables our volunteer doctors to treat close to a thousand patients yearly, half of them women with specialized care. In addition we support this local CMF clinic with donations: medicines, medical books, a maternity ward, a dental ward, a sanitary block, a waste incinerator, a water pump, water tanks and upgraded the existing solar power system.
At Kicheche Laikipia Camp, in Ol Pejeta, the Trust has been supporting the Tumaini Childrens’ home in Nanyuki. This orphanage is in constant need of support: blankets, food supplies (especially baby formula), bursaries to pay school fees, uniforms and books, general improvements on the infrastructure, toys.

HIV & Aids and Female Genital Cutting (FGC) awareness: Every two years, the trust organizes, together with the local theatre group SAFE, an educative performance at the local markets on HIV & Aids and FGC practices to create more community awareness on these sensitive topics.

Community Empowerment

We have a wide range of revenue earning projects and self-help groups that aim to better the lives of the local communities, thus developing an environment where members have more power and influence over what matters to them.

The Trust holds workshops for the youth to better their job searching skills. Language and computer training classes are held too. Other income generating activities are: tree nursery, dance groups, bee hiving, to name a few. Women from nearby communities have benefited from clerical & store keeping training. The knowledge equips them to secure long term employment in surrounding shops, camps, and lodges.

The Trust works with a Maasai women self-help group of 18 ladies who, apart from supplying our gift shops with their artisan work, have also learned to use re-usable materials like toilet rolls, magazines, and newspapers to make wonderful Christmas crackers. The proceeds benefit the women directly.

Environment & Conservation

As wildlife conservation champions, Kicheche Trust is constantly at the forefront of working with locals to secure wildlife habitat and manage the conservancies better. For communities to prosper within and in the vicinity of wildlife conservancies it’s important for these communities to be protected from the wildlife. In the same way the wildlife also need protection against constant pressure of these growing communities. Environmental awareness is key! Kicheche Camps takes part in the Naboisho Lion project in Masai Mara, this projects help in reducing human wildlife conflicts.

KCT organizes regular village litter clean-ups. Together with its member conservancies, the Trust aims in bettering the lives of the locals through wildlife conservation and community empowerment.

One of the most enjoyable of our conservation projects is ‘kids on safari’ whereby each season the Kicheche camps takes local school children on a day of game driving and a info visit to the camps. No better way to explain the importance of our natural wealth than to let the future generation see and experience it firsthand!

We are at the onset to launch of our local reforestation project. Kicheche values environmental conservation based on tourism with a zero carbon footprint.

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