Environment & Conservation

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Protecting the environment & promoting conservation through
awareness campaigns with the conservancies or
privately run projects

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For communities to prosper within and in the vicinity of wildlife conservancies it’s important for these communities to be protected from the wildlife. In 2012 Kicheche community Trust has donated half of the construction of 5 predator free bomas (small housing group).

In the same way the wildlife also need protection against constant pressure of these growing communities. Environmental awareness is key! Kicheche Camps also takes part in the Naboisho Lion project in Naboisho Concervancy, Masai Mara, this projects help in reducing human wildlife conflicts.

Together with the Mara Discovery Center, KCT supported several village litter clean-ups and in 2013 we hope to help set up a re-cycling depots in Aitong; this incorporation is with Mara North Conservancy and Obel foundation

As a trust and a tour operator, Kicheche strongly supports any Anti-poaching initiatives both in Masai Mara and Laikipia. Together with its member conservancies, the Trust aims in bettering the lives of the locals through wildlife conservation and community empowerment.

Programs & Achievements

The Anthony King Conservation Leaders Trust

Kicheche Community Trust continues to support The Anthony King Conservation Leaders Trust in working towards finding a workable balances between all stakeholders in order to create sustainable conservation models.

The Trust was established in memory of Anthony King spend a better pat of his life protecting the environment and promoting conservation.

Clean up actions

Clean-Up Action – Talek

Kicheche Community Trust takes the front line in protecting the environment. We collaborate with local shopkeepers, schools and tourism partners in organizing regular clean up actions in the township of Talek in Olare Orok Conservancy.

Environmental Awareness & Clean-up Day

Mara Discovery & Community Empowerment Centre organised an “Environmental Awareness & Clean-up days” which was greatly supported by the Kicheche Trust and staff. We have pledged continuation of this great initiative by providing tools and funding for a part time cleansing officer to patrol the streets of Aitong in “the battle again the plastic bag”.

Aitong Spring

The spring in Aitong is hugely important for main water access within the Koiyaki Lemek area. Families, businesses, clinics, schools as well as cattle rely on the spring for their daily needs.

Through donor funding, Kicheche Trust pledged to finance the sanitation of this spring. The works contained building an additional holding tank with extra outlets (tabs) with concrete flooring and a separate trough for cattle.

Multiple people can access the spring at the same time. Cows and people will have separate access to water which will improves hygiene around the spring tremendously.

Predator proof bomas

Kicheche Community Trust has helped local Masai villages in the Olare Orok area in the construction of predator proof bomas to help reduce human wildlife conflict. Funds for a total of 6 predator proof enclosures were raised during a talk by Kicheche co-owner Paul Goldstein at the Royal Geographical Society of London. The aim of these enclosures are to limit the human life stock and wildlife conflict and related losses.

The structures were set up in cooperation with the Olare Orok Conservancy who’s management is to monitor any current livestock losses prior and after the construction of the fences.

Laibosho Lion Project

One of the major issues outside the Masai Mara National Reserve is the increasing pressure from the Masai on wildlife and natural resources. One way of enhancing wildlife conservation outside protected areas is the creation of conservancies where important areas with known lion populations are transformed into a kind of semi-protected areas where the numbers of Masai settlements and livestock herds are managed in a way to maintain a sustainable balance.

Since 2013 Kicheche Trust has been donating toward the satellite communication expenses (1400 $ per year) and we are proud to be able to make these contributions.