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Thousands Need a Helping Hand

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Olkimitare school ~ Staff House

To secure excellent, long term teaching staff for our community school children, an in-situ teacher’s accommodation is a very important asset to have. Especially as our school are located in remote locations, the daily commute is not just a ‘walk in the park’. This building will showcase a combination of recycling & living comfort.


In order to carry out the Trust’s mission, we partner with the local community to support traditional and sustainable ways of living, all in harmony with wildlife and the environment. The Trust’s efforts and passion evolve around four pillars:

Education & Training

The Kicheche Community Trust focuses on primary, secondary and other study programs. We are active in all conservancies we operate in: Mara North Conservancy, Olare Orok and Naboisho conservancy in Mara as well as Olpejeta in Laikipia.

The Kicheche Community Trust has over the years built and maintained several school class rooms. The Trust sponsors a primary school teacher and has funded his further education studies, donated thousands of school books and stationary and donated towards a school bus and fund 20 educational bursaries.

Health & Family Care

The Kicheche Trust has been supporting the local Aitong (Mara) health clinic for many years.

We strongly believe that healthcare is a basic right. Donations made in the past include medicines, medical books, a maternity ward, a dental ward, a water pump, water tanks and the upgrading of the existing solar system.

For the future we are looking for further donations for medicines,ref books or other medical equipment and transport facilities for patients.

Community Empowerment

The Mara Discovery and Empowerment center is a community based initiative whereby several self help groups around Aitong have joined forces to operate income generating activities such as: tree nursery, beading groups, dance groups, eco clubs for youth, paper briquettes projects and soon we hope to set up a job and IT center too.

Through generous donations from the Yann Foundation, the Kicheche Trust has been able to build a new center/ building. Our next project is to install full solar power, start the eco clubs by furnish the library with books and DVD’s about wildlife from all over the world, and a motor bike for their outreach program

Environment & Conservation

Conservation is a core, we support the sustainable use of natural resources and safeguarding this biodiversity that safeguards the integrity of the ecosystem

As part of its focus on Environment and Conservation, the Trust has helped local communities through creating awareness either together with the conservancies or privately run projects .

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